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A sports game with boss battles, area control, and a bit of dodgeball · By Happy Frog Games


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OST is free until the end of April
To help battle boredom during social isolation, you can grab the game's soundtrack for free through the end of April. Please enjoy, and wash your hands...
Play the game online using Parsec!
Did you know you can play the game online using Parsec? It's true! You can find more info, and instructions on the basics, here:
Version 1.0.1 released
Version 1.0.1 is a rather small update. -Adds one more tester name to the credits (Scootles) -Speeds up the credits a bit to hopefully compensate Nothing very b...
Moving forwards (a.k.a. planning for the future way before it makes sense to do so)
So the game has been out for a few days now. Thanks to everyone who's played it so far! Given the relatively small size of the game (you can beat the single-pla...
The game has released!
The game released! I only just made the page public, but hey, I still feel like I should announce this! I hope you enjoy the game! ^v^...

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1. Don't be rude to others please! Most of these rules are basically an extension of that!
2. No NSFW content. If it's on the edge of that, maybe don't post it either to be safe. If you are linking to something NSFW, please give a clear, proper warning before such a link.
3. Don't use slurs.
4. Anything beyond the 4th boss in the single-player mode is officially classified as "spoiler" content. Please provide some kind of warning on such threads, and preferably also tag it as either "SPOILERS", "SPOILERS Bug/Glitch", or "SPOILERS Feedback" depending on which one makes most sense. Please don't discuss spoiler content in threads not tagged as such. Note that there is one thing beyond the 4th boss that is an exception and is not considered a spoiler: The fact that the game has two final bosses. The game establishes pretty early on that there's multiple endings, thus it's not really a surprise. However, saying what said bosses actually are still counts as a spoiler, so be mindful of that.

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So for those of you who haven't noticed, the game has a multiplayer mode! However, you may have also noticed it's local-...
started by Happy Frog Games Jul 24, 2019
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StickySPOILERSThe spoiler zone
This thread exists to allow people to discuss anything spoiler-y in the game without having to create a thread specifica...
started by Happy Frog Games May 14, 2019
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