Moving forwards (a.k.a. planning for the future way before it makes sense to do so)

So the game has been out for a few days now. Thanks to everyone who's played it so far! Given the relatively small size of the game (you can beat the single-player campaign in quite a bit less than an hour if you've gotten skilled enough iirc), some of you may be wondering if I perhaps have plans for the future for this game. So as the official announcement or statement on that matter (or whatever else you might want to call it), just because I felt like it: Well, yes! And no. And maybe. And... well, sort of. It's a bit complicated.

You see, my hope for this game is that I can perhaps one day get some people together and make a sequel or something, since for this game I purposely set out to make sure it wouldn't be too huge so as to allow me to focus on making sure the concept worked. From there... honestly, I don't know what I'd do. I guess more playable characters than just the one could be fun. Team battles could also work, that'd definitely be something to experiment around with. A longer single-player mode could be cool. But honestly, I don't really know for sure. Who knows what I might have in mind if or when I feel the time is right?

I guess time will tell.

Anyways, thanks again to everyone who has played the game as of now! I hope you all have gotten your fair (or unfairly, disproportionately large) share of fun out of it so far! ^v^

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