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The latest in run-and-gun games from Happy Frog Games, "Contrary to Popular Belief" adds flying to the popular run-and-gun genre.

Notable features:

  • You can fly by pressing jump repeatedly!
  • Mid-bosses!
  • It has a level! (gasp!)
  • Credits sequence which won't waste too much of your time!
  • Infinite lives! Instead, your final score is cut in half for every death!
  • Easy to play, difficult to master!
  • Glorious 2D graphics by various people (listed in credits)
  • A rapid-fire machine gun! (Hold down X to fire constantly once you have it)
  • Unbelievable sound effects!
  • The option to turn music off!
  • May or may not end with a boss battle!
  • Humorous shenanigans!
  • Pausing! (Control+P to pause.)

We hope you enjoy the game! Happy April Fools' day, y'all!

Install instructions

Extract the executable and font from the game ZIP into the same folder. Make sure the font is still in the same directory as the game when you run it.

That's pretty much it!


Contrary to Popular Belief 6 MB

Development log


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Well, and this, kids, is why you don't do drugs :-)

Quite funny, nice job!

Haha, thanks!


CONTRAry to popular belief, you don't need good design principles to make an outstanding game. This one's... a masterpiece (in terms of irony and hilarity). Also, great voice sampling for the music.