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Infiniboss is an endless boss battle platformer. It's just you, an ever-changing boss, and tons of projectiles. Choose a character, get as many points as you can, use the points to unlock more characters, repeat. You can set a personal score goal for yourself for each character, you can send scores to friends to see if they can beat them, or you can just try to unlock every character. Play the game your way!

Features include, but aren't limited to:

  • A relentless boss which changes which attacks it has access to at a constant rate.
  • Seven (7) different playable characters for high playstyle customization and replay value*
  • Play endlessly, or play timed mode to see how many points you can score in five minutes!
  • Simple tips available for each character to help you better play the game!
  • An intense, fast-paced soundtrack to help get you pumped! (Can be turned off!)

*Actually there are eight characters, but one is a joke character

I hope you enjoy the game!


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Hahaha The game is very cool, my favorite character is the ghost

thanks! I'm glad that people seem to mostly be enjoying this one

I find the controls really hard to remember. I can’t play it much because of it. I suggest you do the conventional WASD for movement or maybe arrow keys? Maybe also put a tutorial to make the players understand better.

(1 edit)

There's a way to remap the controls yourself, though I don't remember how you do that off the top of my head.

EDIT: So I just booted the game and you have to press the "special move" button on the menu screen. The game will even save your button mapping and even tell you your current mapping on the title screen.

the game is really nice, the characters are too cheap and should be way more expensive for the ones at 10k or cheaper also i found a glitch if you pause the game while playing the diamond he continues moving and is invulnerable so you can actually kind of play whit him

Glad to hear you like it! Diamond pause "glitch" is actually intentional because I thought it'd be funnier that way. Characters being cheap is because I don't want the player to have to take too long to unlock everyone so you can more immediately get into trying out all of them.

However, I probably should've had more characters that are slightly more expensive. I don't really want to go and change it now, but maybe if I ever add more characters or make a sequel with more characters or something...