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The concept:

D-R-ooM is a 2D parody satire game about a certain recent DRM incident related to a certain game's console ports. It will probably only take you a few minutes to finish it. I tried to make sure the gameplay would still be fun and the implementation of the fake DRM would be exaggerated and humorous rather than 100% accurate.

It's kind of a combination of a typing game and a rail shooter, maybe a bit of a run and gun too, all of them in a weird sense, but it's not quite any of those.

The story:

The game takes place in the year I don't know on the planet I don't care. A portal to heck has opened and it's up to you to kill the robot demons, and their non-robotic-yet-still-metallic leader, the demon.... prince? Emperor? I dunno you've have to ask them, and I'm too afraid to do so myself.

Anyways, so you have to stop them because otherwise they'll use the portal to teleport Earth into heck, and that'd be no good at all!

The part where I tell you this game wasn't meant to be taken as an 100% serious game:

Don't take this thing too seriously, I made it in about 24 hours, mostly to join in on a certain recent joke in my own way. Maybe it'll make you laugh. Maybe you'll actually find the weird blend of gameplay styles fun. Maybe it'll be your least favorite game ever. Who knows?

But for me, the important part wasn't people playing it, it was not missing out on the opportunity to make it while the joke was still remotely close to relevant, because I've always wanted to make a notable contribution to one of these jokes, so, well, this is my chance.

Have fun!


Install instructions

Extract the contents of the ZIP. Make sure both files are in the same folder, or the font might not render correctly.


D-R-ooM v1.0.6.zip 6 MB

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