A downloadable game

I didn't have much time to write a description for this or make a fancy page (heck, I haven't even properly playtested this thing), but it's basically a weird mix of board game and shoot 'em up dodging. The rules should hopefully be comprehensible enough to understand how to play.

This is a highly experimental idea, there were some ideas I didn't have time to implement, and as previously mentioned I didn't have time to playtest the board game side of it. That being said, I've set the game up to have a discussion board so y'all can let me know what you think more easily than regular comments might.

Also included is an NSF file for an unfinished soundtrack I was working on for the game before I ran out of time.

I hope you enjoy the game!

Marked as "in development" because there's a lot I wanted to implement I didn't have time for, and in the future I'm considering revisiting this in the future and adding all those missing things.

Install instructions

Extract everything from the ZIP into a new folder. Don't use a folder that already has stuff, just to be safe!


Loot the Danmaku GameJam build *crosses fingers it's actually playable* 2 MB